Bud Gaugh On The Rebirth Of Sublime

Bud Gaugh

After Sublime officially disbanded in 1996, Gaugh had plenty on his plate music-wise. In the late ’90s he and Wilson formed the Long Beach Dub All Stars. There was also Eyes Adrift, an alt-rock supergroup including Krist Novoselec from Nirvana. Currently there’s Del Mar, a high-energy surf-rock band he has with wife Nicole. A dollar from each sale of Del Mar’s new record goes to Earthquake victims in Fukishima, Japan.

Watching Gaugh last fall at the Fox, we marveled at how far back he drew his stick before each snare stroke. “Sometimes I’m almost scratching my back,” he says. It’s a technique he developed from playing backyard parties without a proper PA. It was also the result of trying to appease Nowell, who always wanted him to hit harder. “It was just kind of a visual effect, the raising your arms. So I remembered that and I was like, ‘Now I know what I have to do: I just have to fake you out.’”

Maybe Gaugh is confident and comfortable these days because he never had to change his playing approach, picking up where he left off with the first edition of Sublime. “If anything it was the other way around,” he says. “Rome had to adapt to our style. Eric and I have been playing for years so when we lock in it’s really good. And I am sure that makes it easy for Rome to play with us.”

The only possible downside is the band’s glaring qualifier: “‚ĶWith Rome” doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue. “It’s a sensitive subject with the fans and with [Nowell]’s family and with Eric and I,” Gaugh explains. “Since we’re playing [the older] Sublime music, a complete name change would kind of make us feel like a cover band. The new element is Rome, so it just seemed like the right thing to do.”


Band Sublime With Rome
Current Release Yours Truly
Age 43
Birthplace Long Beach, California
Influences Bill Kreutzmann, Mickey Hart, John Bonham, Ginger Baker, Bill Wilson
Web Site sublimewithrome.com


Drums Yamaha Phoenix
Cymbals Zildjian (“As and Ks”)
Hardware Yamaha, DW
Sticks Vic Firth 5A
Heads Remo
Electronics Yamaha

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