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On “Only,” Gaugh’s mastery of the half-time, reggae-infused pop groove is quite evident. It’s clear from the sound of this groove that with his right hand, the fingers, wrist, and arm are working mechanically in perfect concert to create what is going on in the hi-hat. Notice, too, after coming off the intro fill in the first measure, instead of playing the full hi-hat part right from the downbeat of the verse, Gaugh sort of settles into the groove for a second with some eighth-notes before filling it out with the sixteenths. This is a helpful technique jazz drummers frequently employ when returning to a swing pattern after playing a fill. Finally, be sure to stick the 4-stroke ruff on beat 4 of the first measure as swift singles.

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Bud Gaugh

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Bud Gaugh

Sublime With Rome
Yours Truly
Fueled By Ramen

The 15 years since lead singer Brad Nowell’s death have been surprsingly kind to Sublime, both in their unwavering fan support and, judging by the dutiful preservation of the band’s disctinctive aesthetic on Yours Truly, to the musical instincts of the two remaining members. New singer/guitarist Rome Ramirez, admirably adopting his predecessor’s characteristic vibrato vocal inflections and confident delivery, gleefully frolics atop bassist Eric Wilson and drummer Bud Gaugh’s infectious bounce like a kid on a new trampoline. Meanwhile, Gaugh’s dynamic tumbling tom runs and acres-deep backbeat are a happy reminder of what made Sublime ska’s greatest guilty pleasure to begin with ... not that we ever forgot.

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