Chad Sextons “Mix It Up” and “It’s Alright”

Chad Sexton showcases his broad range of talent on tracks from Uplifter like “Mix It Up” and “It's Alright.”

While a number of tracks on Uplifter showcase the technical prowess Sexton has become known for among lovers of the instrument, “It’s Alright&rdquol is the true gem of the record, sporting an indisputably brilliant pop beat that could have fueled any early Madonna hit fittingly — two bars of sweet perfection. “Mix It Up,&rdquol on the other hand, sees Sexton stretching out a little bit, exercising his gift for funky drop rhythms and complex linear patterns. Even so, the tight phrasing and thoughtfully devised grooves remain well intact. Notice the linear style in the verse. Any number of stickings can be applied here — one logical one is provided in the transcription.

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