Chris Adler: The Irresistible Force

This track has a driving half-time groove with a thirty-second-note ruff that kicks into the snare note on 3 , which really fits this track. The cymbal track isn’t prominent in the mix so I’ve notated this as a hi-hat part because it sounds like an X-hat with an FX cymbal on top, or it could just be a small muted China cymbal.

chris adler

“Terminally Unique”
The title of this song just might be referring the groove Adler created for this track. Think of this one as a metalized version of an Afro Cuban bembe groove. The accent pattern of Adler’s part follows the main pulses of that type of groove. Since the feel is very straight, I wrote it in 3/4 rather than the more traditional 6/8.

chris adler
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