Comping Vs. Soloing

“Which is harder: Comping or Soloing?”

nick mason

Nick Mason
Age 28
Drumming Experience 18 years
Bands BANG!, Inside The Black, Heaven Is Where, Perfect Nines, Otto’s Daughter
“Soloing! Drum solos really put you on the spot and if they are not really well written like the stuff Godsmack or Neil Peart does they can be very boring to the average concertgoer.”

nick mason

Vinnie Colaiuta
Age 55
Drumming Experience 41 years
Bands Sting, Joni Mitchell, Frank Zappa
“Comping. [In a solo] one can display tremendous technique, speed, power, visual antics, polyrhythms, etc., on their own terms without respect for context.”

nick mason

Omari Williams
Age 28
Drumming Experience 26 years (seriously)
Bands Boney James, Ruben Studdard
“I say soloing! Reason is you have so many thoughts going through your mind and a certain amount of time to get it out, as well as the pressure of a roaring crowd to give more!”

nick mason

Trevor Lawrence Jr.
Age 36
Drumming Experience 28 years
Bands Dr. Dre, Alicia Keys, Herbie Hancock
“Unfortunately — or maybe fortunately — all gigs aren’t created equal. That being said, the answer to that question is elusive. I could never put anything I’ve done in a box like that. Different music presents different challenges.”

“Man, it feels like forever since we first started playing this tune!”


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