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It’s a cliché that English is the language of rock and roll, and except for a brief interlude nel’italiano in final track “My Spirit,” Lacuna Coil’s English-only policy hasn’t put off their countrymen. More importantly, it points to their Evanescence-hunting, world-beating ambition. “For rock music, the U.S. and England is number one,” Mozzati says. “I don’t necessarily wish it was that way. We want to please our Italian fans of course, but if something is good the language of the lyrics shouldn’t matter. And the Italians feel like that too.”

With a European tour underway by the time you read this, Mozzati will still be acclimating to the new songs. As with any new release, Dark Adrenaline will be showcased in dribs and drabs at first so he’s not sweating that some of the drum parts are still hazy. “Were just going to play a couple of new songs and I’m pretty sure I have to rehearse a lot before the other tour in the U.S.,” he says referring to Gigantour. “This is going to be our third time with Megadeth. I’m always thrilled to play with them, and I’m happy M...t...rhead is on there too.”

But if night after night of punishing sets playing six albums and two EPs worth of material is no problem for Mozzatti then what is?

“Staying away from my wife at home.”

Like his fellow paisan, Mozzati’s just a romantic after all.


Band Lacuna Coil
Current Release Dark Adrenaline
Age 38
Birthplace Pesaro, Italy
Influences Stewart Copeland, Terry Bozzio, Tomas Haake
Web site


Drums Pearl Reference (Camo wrap)
Cymbals UFiP
Heads Remo
Sticks Vic Firth
Pedals/Hardware Pearl

Quick Licks

Mozzati has a solid strategy for the studio: unpretentious groove metal punctuated by the occasional and brief flexing of serious chops. Check out the chorus in “Upsidedown.” The fill he drops at the end of the phrase comes as a bit of a surprise compared with the groove it follows, yet not so much that it seems out of place or gratuitous. Then, instead of wastefully introducing more new fill material, he takes this idea and expands it into a measure-long beast toward the end of the track (@ 2:50).

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Inside Tracks

"Lacuna Coil"
Dark Adrenaline
Century Media

That cliché about “less is more”? That applies to clichés, too: The less often you hear them, the more resonant they can be. Even so, it’s appropriate to trot it out one more time when assessing Cristiano Mozzati’s work with Lacuna Coil. The sound of his kit alone brands him as part of the nü-metal school. But unlike many of its practitioners, he seems determined to never overplay. Only here and there does he unleash a zippy, quick fill. Always, however, it centers on his kit; the double kick resists nearly all temptation to erupt in pointless display. He even locks onto a four-on-the-floor groove during the bridge of “Give Me Something More.” And when he takes a solo moment in “I Don’t Believe in Tomorrow,” Mozzati concentrates more on working within the structure of the 4/4 meter (3+3+2) than on razzle-dazzle for its own sake. In fact, given the looseness he brings to an often unbending idiom, it might have been good to hear him show off just a bit more.

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