Dana Filloon Of Junius: Pierce The Wail

Quick Licks

“The Meeting Of Pasts”
Instead of devising over-calculated, complicated parts, Dana Filloon pounds out his bold, repetitive grooves on Junius’ Reports From The Threshold Of Death. Combined with the spacious, reverb-drenched treatment the drums have been given, they make for a perfect backdrop to the group’s signature shoe-gazey wall of guitars. Nothing short of rhythmic hypnosis.

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Band Junius
Current release Reports From The Threshold Of Death
Age 32
Birthplace Detroit, Michigan
Influences George Rebelo, John Bonham, Abe Cunningham
Web site juniusmusic.com


Drums C&C
Cymbals Zildjian
Hardware DW 9000
Heads Evans (coated batters); Remo Weather King reverse-dot (snare)
Sticks Vic Firth American Classic Rock
Microphones Shure 57 (toms/snare), PG81 (hats/cymbals), 91A Beta (kick)

Inside Tracks

Reports From The Threshold Of Death

Aside from “A Reflection On Fire,” each track on Reports From The Threshold Of Death begins with a four-bar instrumental intro in time but with no drums; the music floats along like an ominous thunderhead. The tempo is always funereal. Then, with another exception, the short instrumental “(Spirit Guidance),” a nearly Biblical storm of sound crashes from these roiling skies, driven downward by Dana Filloon’s heraldic pounding. Filloon’s role in this process is almost an inversion of the drummer’s usual responsibility. Typically, if you’re behind the kit, you’re locking the groove down, providing a framework for the rest of the band to build momentum through each player’s interaction with the others. Here, Filloon seems to fight with the music: The musicians hang huge, billowing drapes of noise; no one bounces licks or solos off anyone else. It’s up to Filloon to blow movement into those drapes, and as he demonstrates repeatedly, he has the fortitude and sheer muscle to do it.

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