Bottom Line: How Important Are Merch Sales?

Bottom Line: How Important Are Merch Sales?

john fred young

John Fred Young

Age 27
Drumming Experience 14 years
Band Black Stone Cherry
“Merchandise plays a huge role in our line of work because it allows the fan to take home a memory from the show and at the same time it helps visually spread the name of our band to potential new fans.”

matson johansson

Matson “Matti” Johansson

Age 37
Drumming Experience 18 Years
Band Korpiklaani
“Merchandise is important not only for the additional income, but also for the fans to wear their favorite bands’ shirts. I am still buying and wearing KISS shirts.”

rhythmm epkins

Rhythmm Epkins

Age 47
Playing Experience 40 years
Band The English Beat
“It depends on if it’s your band or you are hired as a player or singer. Merch does help your career by keeping your memory in your fans’ hearts forever, so have a good merch seller!”

pete webber

Pete Webber

Age 27
Playing Experience 20 years
Band Havok
“Merch plays almost the most significant role in our revenue stream. So buy those T-shirts if you see Havok play!”

patrick kirch

Patrick Kirch

Age 21
Drumming Experience 9 years
Band The Maine
“Merchandise is a huge part of what keeps our band afloat while touring. With each line we try to look at it from the fans’ perspective by creating memorable items that are part of the concert experience.”

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