DRUM! Hall Of Fame: This Year’s Inductees

DRUM! Hall Of Fame: Honoring This Year's Inductees

You know how in baseball they retire a player’s number after so many homeruns? We saw a similar opportunity in our annual Drummies! Readers’ Poll when the same batch of players knocked it out of the park year after year. To kick off our 20th year anniversary, DRUM! is taking a page from the sports world and inducting 11 of the iconic players you’ve voted into immortality — specifically those who’ve won a single category five times or more — and hereby usher them to the great percussion pantheon in the sky from whence their noble countenances will peer down on us mere mortals while their hands and feet continue to send our jaws hurtling toward the floor. Our objective was twofold: 1) Highlight the achievement of the industry’s most noteworthy drummers, and 2) Make room for the next generation of players. In the meantime, enjoy some sage advice, inside scoops, career highlights, and exclusive snaps of the drummers who have made history.

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