DRUM! Magazine and Setoff Go On The Warped Tour

DRUM! and Setoff Go On The Warped Tour

DRUM! Magazine Staff Member Eric Kamm will be heading out on The Warped Tour later this week.

Kamm’s progressive punk band, Setoff, will be performing on the Kevin Says Stage in Seattle (8/18), Portland (8/19), Fresno (8/22), Sacramento (8/23), and Los Angeles (8/25). Setoff recently got out of the studio with recording engineer/producer Andy Ernst (Green Day, AFI)–you can hear five of the songs on Setoff’s myspace page.

Kamm will be interviewing the best punk drummers in the world throughout this week. The video interviews will be posted on our site, shortly thereafter.

This year's Warped Tour roster includes Bad Religion, Pennywise, Flogging Molly, Coheed And Cambria, Sum 41, and New Found Glory.

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