On The Set Of A Marco Minneman Video Shoot

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On The Set Of A Marco Minneman Video Shoot

Marco Minneman

There were about ten guys and one really attractive gal standing around in the main room of a recording studio in North Hollywood. Drummer Marco Minneman was in the middle of it all, in the glow of large video lights, seated behind his jumbo-sized DW drum kit and stacks of Meinl cymbals. Marco was about to play a solo for the video camera, and for posterity. Producer Rick Gratton, a sheaf of notes in his hand, scratched his head with a pen and asked Marco, “Do you have something worked out so I’ll know when you’re near the end?”

“Uh, no,” Marco said.

And then the circuits failed and the lights went out and a crew member said, “Aw, crap.”...

It’s fly on the wall time, dude. DRUM! hung out behind the cameras to give you the lowdown on a video production day. We were lucky enough to match schedules with German wunderkind Marco Minnemann while he filmed the video complement to his book, Extreme Interdependence. Minnemann is a good video star: he’s got ridiculous chops, some cool new concepts, and he’s a nice guy and a cordial host. Minnemann and the gang from Warner Bros. told us and showed us what goes into to the making of a drum video so we could pass it on to you. We wouldn’t want you to be short on info when it’s your turn to shred for the cameras, right?

A video is much like a small movie and it takes a good-sized team to make a small movie like this. On this shoot there are camera operators, three assistants tending cameras and tape decks, an audio engineer, a director, a producer, a couple of visiting “suits” from the corporate office, Minnemann, two more musicians (due in the studio on day two of filming) and a foxy, exotic Israeli makeup artist named Tal. (We mention Tal not because we’re sexist pigs but because enthusiasm is an important part of capturing a permanent performance on tape and in a room full of men a pretty woman soon becomes a source of enthusiasm and a muse to the artists present. Okay, maybe we’re just sexist pigs. She had long, dark hair, big dark eyes, and those sexy lowrider jeans, a white tee under a funky-furry short, suede jacket and apparently it was cold in the room.)

Marco Minneman

Minnemann grins widely while having his makeup touched up by Tal.

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