A Look At Drumming’s Leading Ladies

Exploring a different kind of independent route is Canadian Emmanuelle Caplette. Since she started playing in a drum corps at age nine, her adventures have taken her through a jazz/pop drumming degree, touring with the theatrical tour Cavalia, and lending her highly finessed chops to a variety of French-language pop singers.

Speaking of pop stars, a trio of phenomenally skilled drummers — Kim Thompson, Nikki Glaspie, and Marcie Chapa — have been delivering the funky beats for one of the biggest names in music, BeyoncĂ©, as part of her all-female touring band Suga Mama.

leading ladies

Meg White

And then there’s Meg White of The White Stripes. She represents the lo-fi, garage-rock/punk/blues route, and has highlighted how profound the simple and steady approach can be as The White Stripes found great commercial and critical success, including winning numerous Grammy Awards.

Who are the future female movers and shakers of the drumming world going to be? At just 21 years old, Hannah Ford is already making a name for herself in the jazz and rock worlds, recording, touring, running clinics, and helming her own band. And Veronica Bellino just scored a job recording with Jeff Beck after he found a video of her drumming on YouTube. Maybe the Internet will have a democratizing effect and make it easier for other talented young drummers to get themselves out there. One thing is certain: Seeing what women drummers have accomplished so far makes the possibilities of the years to come all the more exciting. Rock on.

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