Elisa Seda Lights Up Youtube In nEon

Video Of The Week: nEon Drummer Elisa Seda

Elisa Seda is the nEon Drummer, a young artist posting improbable videos of her drum covers on Youtube. The gimmick? She and her drum set are dressed in flourescent colors and shot under ultraviolet light. The effect is pretty cool, like a drumming superhero from the planet Ratamacue has landed on earth.

Of course, you've got to back up such an effort with decent chops and good performance, and Elisa is up to the task. We wrote to her to ask how she came up with the nEon Drummer concept.

Elisa Seda Thank you so much for reaching out to me on Facebook about the nEon Drummer. I came up with the idea sitting on my patio with a close friend of mine. A few months ago, my band of five years parted ways. It was bittersweet as I've been in bands my entire life and it can get frustrating when it depends on several people to move the boat forward. Standing out as a drummer isn't easy; as creating an artist career, based on beats, is challenging. There are so many drummers out there with so much talent and I was trying to think of how I could separate myself from the rest and get noticed.

DRUM! Did any other artists on Youtube or anywhere else inspire you?

Elisa Seda I was inspired by great drummers like Travis Barker and Adrian Young, I wanted to develop a brand of my own that was based on my drumming. I started watching Youtube videos of drummers and that's how it all began. I started doing covers on Youtube and one day, siting with my good friend, I said that I wanted to cover "Neon Lights" by Demi Lovato. It all grew from there. We started brainstorming and one idea led to the other. My friend suggested taking the concept of neon lights and making it a drummer brand. Once we started rolling with the idea, all fell into place. The costumes, the ideas, the logo and bam, I had the first video!

DRUM! What direction do you want to go with this?

Elisa SedaAfter posting the first videos, I've had such an overwhelming amount of positive feedback that I'm working on taking the nEon Drummer concept to live show. Currently, I'm starting to talk to DJs and start taking this to a full on live production.

Check out Elisa's Youtube channel for more. #nEonDrummer

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