From Griller To Killer: Nick Augusto Of Trivium

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“In Waves”
Augusto likes to focus his swift footwork into neatly arranged phrases of sixteen bars, like this title track that introduces Trivium’s latest, In Waves. If we split that phrase into two eight-bar statements, it kind of looks like the same sentence twice, only the last couple of words have been changed. This arranging technique, called “antecedent and consequent,” adds a little bit of pop sensibility to a song, perhaps in the hopes of offering it as a single.

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In Waves


Band Trivium
Current Release In Waves
Age 24
Birthplace Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Influences Vinnie Paul, Dave Lombardo, Lars Ulrich
Web site


Drums Pearl (Masterworks and Reference series)
Cymbals Sabian (AAX X-Plosion crashes, AAX X-Treme Chinese and ride, 13” Paragon hats)
Heads Evans
Sticks Pro-Mark 5Bs
Electronics Alesis DM5 module, Roland triggers

In Waves

Inside Tracks

In Waves

What’s interesting on In Waves is how Nick Augusto keeps his chops in check until they’re necessary for maximum impact. Most of the time, he invests the band’s mechanistic intensity with an organic effect by varying patterns from one section to the next, sometimes as often as every two bars. Some of these structures are complex; we have two bars of 8/8 alternating with two of 5/8 in several parts of “Chaos Reigns.” Augusto powers through it all by laying down a bedrock of sixteenth-notes on the kick, which allows him to accent points of the groove with whip-crack snare hits. Even in 4/4, Augusto keeps coming up with fresh ideas: At one point in “A Skyline Severance” he switches from snare to open hi-hat on each quarter-note with the snare pounding only on the third beat, adding not only muscle but also a hissing emphasis to the guitar riff. Augusto’s thinking here is even more impressive than his execution — and that’s impressive indeed.

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