4 Drummers Discuss Embarrassing Gear Malfunctions

4 Drummers Discuss Embarrassing Gear Malfunctions

“What was your worst gear malfunction ever?”

andy parker

Andy Parker
Age 59
Drumming Experience 46 years
Band UFO
“Years ago I was playing with this blues band in a youth club in England, and the drum stool just collapsed on the floor. I fell backwards and my head struck the push bar on the emergency exit behind me and I rolled backwards, out the door, and into a patch of stinging nettles in the field behind the building. When I stopped playing, the guys in the band looked around and couldn’t see me.”

jorge sosa

Jorge Sosa
Age 27
Drumming Experience 10 years
Band The World We Knew
“I had just purchased a brand-new drum rack the day of a show. During the first song I realized I hadn’t locked in the right side of it properly, and it unlatched and began to fall away, taking with it a crash, a ride, and a China! I teetered over my floor tom and caught the falling piece. I had it resting on my kick until the song was over.”

leah shapiro

Leah Shapiro
Age 28
Drumming Experience 11 years
Band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
“It was in the middle of December in Moscow, really cold, and I think everyone was sick too. This rental kit we got had a floor tom that was falling to pieces while I was playing it. Somehow I still made it through a two-hour show, though.”

tommy buckley

Tommy Buckley
Age “old”
Drumming Experience “too much”
Bands Soilent Green, Crowbar
“One of my beaters went straight through the head and got stuck inside my bass drum. One time I actually had to change a kick drumhead on stage in the middle of a show. ‘Whatever it takes,’ as the saying goes. The show must go on.”

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