Get Grooving With Metropolitan Drums

Get Grooving With Metropolitan Drums

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Cocktail drums were introduced in the 1940's, as a small visually appealing, happy-hour kit, but have never been more than a novelty item for most drum companies, until now. Metropolitan Drum Company has gained a growing reputation as the only company to specialize in cocktail drums.

We were impressed by their gleaming glitter wraps and other finishes the first time we saw them, so we're glad to have a chance to show you a few of their models here.

All Metropolitan kits are American-made and range in price from roughly $649 to $1399 depending on the model. Despite their party-time image, these cocktail kits are serious musical tools. They're made from Keller shells with 2.3mm Superhoops on every drum, 10.4mm legs and other heavy-duty hardware.

The cocktail drums feature 24" deep maple shells in 16: or 14" widths, 45ยบ bearing edges, double-ply bottom heads and a single-ply top heads. They can produce cannon-like volume and have the equivalent air capacity of an 18" bass drum. The cocktail drums are paired with a 10" x 5" or 10" x 4" snare. With accessory mounts you can add toms, cymbals, cowbells or other accessories.

The drums can be played standing or seated and feature adjustable mounts to that they may be positioned comfortably for the drummer. The company's models range from the Clubster, a single cocktail drum up to the Trickster, a four-piece with snare and two toms. Pedals and hardware are sold separately.

Contact Matt at Metropolitan Drum Company for more details.

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