Guerilla Drum Making Explained on DVD

Guerilla Drum Making Explained on DVD

Released online in September of 2008 by drummer and drum builder John Dutra, Guerrilla Drum Making visually demonstrates an abundance of custom drum making possibilities through a guerrilla style approach of simple building techniques. Since it's online debut on, worldwide viewers of Guerrilla Drum Making have been more than pleased. “I was sold in the first five minutes, just by the various jigs he shows you how to make. It’s definitely geared toward builders without a ton of experience or equipment (like me), but I think even old hands will be able to pick up a tip or two” says Greg from Texas.

The DVD shows the completion of a full drum set through six different chapters that each focus on a particular drum shell size, finish type, custom lug type, lug layout style, hardware setup, and more. All chapters show clear and easy drum building strategies to attain a professional product, all without the need of any drum making experience, specialized tools, or an outsized budget. "A person with no prior building skills can save big money, and end up with a kit of better quality than many of the custom builders of today offer," says online drum making supplier Gary Folchi of Precision Drum Company.


Guerrilla Drum Making *Running Time: 86 minutes *Content: 7 Chapters *Production, Direction, Performance, Voicovers and Music: John Dutra *Videography: Silas Barker *Editing: Silas Barker and John Dutra *www.gdmdvd

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