Health Tips: Listen To Your Skin

Health Tips: Listen To Your Skin

As the largest organ of the body, our skin mirrors what’s going on inside. For example, dry skin often indicates a lack of essential fatty acids, like those found in seeds, nuts, avocado, fish, and healthful oils such as olive and flaxseed. There are two fatty acids that we require just like we require vitamins. For soft and velvety skin, take an “oil shooter” every day (one or two tablespoons of flaxseed or hempseed oil in a little juice). If the skin tends to be oily, I suggest you eliminate fried foods as these degraded fats have little nutritional value and only compete with the healthful fats that you need.

The skin not only holds us together, it’s also an organ of elimination. If digestion and bowel function are not efficient, the body will attempt to eliminate substances through the skin. If you are troubled by acne, fiber and probiotic bacteria supplements could make a difference.

From Samson to Homer Simpson, men have been apprehensive about hair loss. In fact, two out of three will experience male pattern hair loss. A form of testosterone called DHT is the culprit. However, there may be other causes of hair loss, such as stress, poor blood circulation, vitamin or mineral deficiencies, or a low-thyroid condition. Many women will also experience thinning hair as they get older. Often, it can be traced to a hormone imbalance. Usually, what is good for the skin is also good for the hair, so I would suggest the oil shooter.

The trace mineral silicon is known to help with the strength and elasticity of hair, skin, and nails. A recent study showed that an activated form of the mineral, called orthosilicic acid, softened wrinkles and increased the diameter of the hair shaft.

Fingernails tell a story about your nutrition too. Symptoms, such as splitting, peeling, ridging, and spoon-shaped nails can be reflective of mineral shortages such as calcium, zinc, and iron, or poor dietary habits. One study found that taking biotin (a B vitamin) was helpful for splitting nails. Be sure to give your program at least a month to show improvement.

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