“How Has Your Grip Evolved?”

"How Has Your Grip Evolved Over The Years?"


Jim Riley

Age 43
Years playing 21
Band Rascal Flatts
“The way I am holding the stick has not changed much since college, which is primarily a Germanic-style grip. Most of the time my fulcrum is between my thumb and the second joint of my first finger. However, when I play certain grooves that require a ghost note after my backbeat, I will move my fulcrum of my left hand back to my thumb and second finger, letting my index finger rest on top of the stick, which inhibits its bounce. Also, I play more traditional grip in certain musical situations where it simply feels better than matched grip.”


Jon Hiseman

Age 68
Years playing 57
Band Colosseum
“When Colosseum folded at the end of 1971, I took the opportunity of a year off to change to matched grip. For the jazz-rock work I would do over the next 40 years this worked well, but I never got back the left-hand sense of touch that I had developed as a kid using ’orthodox’ grip. Now age 68, I am spending time going back to my first grip and enjoying the feel of sitting at the kit and almost fitting it better.”


Mike Bordin

Age 50
Years playing 38
Band Faith No More, Ozzy Osbourne
“I think it has stayed pretty much the same, just hopefully been used to execute better and better music!”


Paulo Baldi

Age 40
Years playing 30
Band Cake
“I definitely grip the sticks more loosely now. That helps to stay consistent and strong throughout any gig.”

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