Old School Tools: How To Tuck Calfskin Heads

Step 13. Lift the drumhead so that it is standing on its edge. Using the side of the tucking tool, pull the underlying material that was previously pulled to the edge down with a scraping motion. Repeat the process until all material has been pulled down along the outer side of the hoop.


Step 14. Lay the drumhead on a shell and gently push down so that the flat edge of the drumhead touches the bearing edge.


Step 15. Put on the counterhoop and tension rods to set the desired collar. Gradually add tension by tightening down the counterhoop on opposing edges. Measure the distance between the counterhoop and drumhead, and make sure that it is consistent around the head. The amount of collar will depend on the type of drum onto which it will fit — the larger the collar, the less adjustment will be available to you for future tuning.




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