Do It Yourself: How To Wrap Drum Shells

How To Wrap Drum Shells

You love the way your old drums sound, but they’ve begun to look a little ragged. Don’t worry — you can give them a new lease on life by rewrapping the shells yourself. It’s easier to do than you might imagine, and you will save some big bucks that you otherwise might have spent on a whole new kit.

We’re going to take you through the entire process, step-by-step. While some people like to use glue to install new wraps, we are going to focus on using double-sided tape, since it is equally effective and simplifies the procedure.

How To Wrap A Drum

Fig. 1

Step 1: Prepare The Shell
Before installing the new wrap, you need to be sure that the shells are as smooth as possible. Remove all the hardware that is attached to your shells, such as the lug casings, airhole grommets, kick drum legs, tom mounts, and so on. Store the hardware for each drum in a separate ziplock bag so that the various pieces don’t get mixed together when you are ready to reinstall them (Fig. 1). Be sure to read the manufacturer’s recommendations — some wraps can be installed directly onto the original wrap. However, if you must remove your original wrap, carefully peel it away from the shell and remove as much of the tape or glue residue as possible. Clean or sand any excess residue to make the shell as smooth as possible. This will ensure a flat installation of your new wraps.

How To Wrap A Drum How To Wrap A Drum

Fig. 2

Step 2: Trim The Wrap
Some companies supply wraps that are already trimmed to your shell sizes, while others sell wraps that require trimming. To trim your wrap you must first measure the depth (bearing edge to bearing edge) and length (circumference) of your shell and then cut your wrap to the appropriate size. Keep in mind that when wrapping drums, all wraps should be trimmed approximately 1/4" shy of each bearing edge so as not to interfere with the drumhead. Don’t worry — your hoops will cover the exposed gap once you reinstall your hardware. Hold each wrap around its shell to verify its size prior to installation and do final trimming if necessary (Fig. 2).

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