Do It Yourself: How To Wrap Drum Shells

How To Wrap A Drum How To Wrap A Drum How To Wrap A Drum

Fig. 3

Step 3: Installation
If your wraps come with preinstalled double-sided tape, then just hold the wrap very tightly around your shell, making sure that it is evenly spaced between both bearing edges (Fig. 3). Remove the backing from the double-sided tape and adhere one end to the other end of the wrap on the overlap. By taping the wrap to itself and not your shell, you can then slide the wrap around the shell to position the graphics in the perfect location prior to mounting the hardware.

Some manufacturers require taping or gluing the drum wraps to the shell itself. This usually requires trimming the wrap on the shell as it is more difficult to get “straight” results when attaching a pretrimmed wrap to the shell. Refer to specific manufacturers’ instructions regarding these methods.

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