Do It Yourself: How To Wrap Drum Shells

How To Wrap A Drum How To Wrap A Drum

Fig. 4

How To Wrap A Drum

Fig. 5

How To Wrap A Drum

Fig. 6

Step 4: Drilling
Once the wraps have been installed, the next step is to drill out the holes for your hardware. Set your shell upright on a table and place a light inside to illuminate the holes from the inside out (Fig. 4). If you didn’t glue the wrap to the shell, this is your last chance to rotate the wrap on the shell so that the graphics appear exactly where you want them to be on the drum. Think about where the seam should be and the look from drum to drum once the entire kit is finished and set up. Make sure that you have a big enough and even enough gap for each bearing edge. Using a drill with the correct size drill bit, very easily (but with consistent pressure) drill your holes from the outside of the shell inward (Fig. 5). Install the first two lugs on opposite sides of the shell to hold the wrap in place while you drill the other holes. Take care when pulling away any cut pieces of wrap around the drilled holes so you don’t peel the laminate. Some holes, such as airholes, may need to be cut out by hand using a sharp utility knife (Fig. 6).

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