Brann Dailor On Mastodon’s Latest Project

Dailor’s Setup

Brann Dailor

Drums: Tama Starclassic bubinga
1 22" x 18" Bass Drum
2 14" x 6" Starphonic Snare
3 10" x 8" Tom
4 12" x 9" Tom
5 14" x 11" Tom
6 18" x 16" Floor Tom

Cymbals: Meinl Mb20

A 14" Heavy Soundwave Hi-Hat
B 19" Heavy Crash
C 20" Heavy Crash
D 21" Heavy Ride

Brann Dailor also uses Tama hardware and pedals, Vater sticks, and Evans heads.

Metal Moon Rising

As the rhythmic force behind the progressive metal band Mastodon. Brann Dailor delivers aggressive, impulsive, and refreshingly unrestrained playing that is more than a little reminiscent of Keith Moon in that regard. Of course, his chops are metalized, with quick bursts of single-stroke 5’s, hertas, and lots of double bass thrown in for good measure.

“The Hunter”

The title track from Mastodon’s latest release has an unusual groove in the verse. The section has a laidback half-time feel and sporadic snare hits enhance the effect. At first the groove comes across as a bit random, but Dailor is actually playing a longer four-bar phrase.

DRUM! Notation Guide

Brann Dailor

“Dry Bone Valley”

The introduction to this track is a tasty bit of snare work. Dailor plays some brisk sixteenth-notes with an accent on the & of 2, followed by an open drag leading into a pair of snare accents on the & and ah of 3. In the fourth bar he adds more bass drum notes and gives the section the illusion of odd-time by playing the new kick notes on the &’s. In the last two bars he uses one of his principal go-to patterns: thirty-second-note hertas (usually played RLR L).

Brann Dailor

“Black Tongue”

Several of the songs on this disc begin similarly with guitar power chords followed by dramatic drum fills. Dailor plays fills that initially sound like triplets in 4/4, though once he launches into his groove it becomes more obvious that the song is in 12/8. Dailor uses lots of thirty-second-note bass drum ruffs to set up his backbeats and also plays some unusual over-the-barline fills as seen in the third and fourth lines. He puts his fast hands to good use on this one.

Brann Dailor
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