Celebrating The Sound Of Loudness Week

  • By Radim McCue
  • Published November 15, 2009

Welcome to Loudness Week, a full week of stories culled from the archives, about some of today's biggest purveyors of volume: Mike Portnoy, Tommy Lee, Joey Jordison, Chris Adler, Jason Bittner, and Lars Ulrich. Check out the following stories.

Mike Portnoy: Mike Portnoy Redefined.

Mike Portnoy: Mike Portnoy Positively Obsessed.

Jason Bittner: Jason Bittner Breaks It Down.

Jason Bittner: Kicking Down With Shadows Fall.

Jason Bittner: Revenge Is Sweet.

Lars Ulrich: Metallica Deals With Midlife.

Joey Jordison: Slipknot Kills.

Joey Jordison: Double Bass Speed Demon.

Tommy Lee: Double Bass Old Schooler.

Tommy Lee:Tommy Lee Creates More Mayhem

Chris Adler, Justin Foley, John Boecklin, Dirk Verbeuren Extreme Metal Roundtable.


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