Jam Cruise 6 Video UPDATED 3/19

Jam Cruise 6 Video Interviews

Jam Cruise (featured in DRUM!'s April, 2008 issue) follows the lives of a half-dozen drummers on the annual jam cruise. DRUM! Associate Editor also found time for video interviews with several top players on the cruise, taking time from his sunbathing duties to meet with Galactic's Stanton Moore (stantonmoore.com), New Orleans legend Russell Batiste (russellbatiste.com), Rob Koritz and Dino English of Dark Star Orchestra (darkstarorchestra.net), Dave Watts of Motet fame (themotet.net), and Alan Evans of Soulive (soulive.com).

Stanton Moore

Rob Koritz and Dino English

Alan Evans

Coming Soon

  • Russell Batiste
  • Dave Watts
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