James Dennett: Aussie Drum Nerd

James Dennett: Aussie Drum Nerd

james dennett

James Dennett

Age n/a
Equipment Yamaha Oak Custom drums, Yamaha hardware, Zildjian cymbals, Remo heads, LP percussion
Contact youtube.com/aussiedrumnerd

Ambitious players who want a challenge should check out James Dennett, the online drumming whiz behind Aussie Drum Nerd. The New South Wales—based Dennett – who won his setup on a local drum-off contest – ushers viewers into a rhythm universe with five-minute digestible chunks he dubs “Mini Clinics.” One of the more accessible ones showcases RLRLLBD to get different voicings around the kit, while the “inward paradiddle,” thirty-second-note linear fills, and triple paradiddles with the feet will get your creative juices flowing.

Dennett’s latest series, “Show Us Ya Licks,” builds on rudimental approaches to tasty fills and flourishes like “No. 7: Advanced Layered Groove With Ghost Notes” or the “7/8 Triplet Double Kick” (including charts at the end of the lesson). No Top 40 covers for this guy, only the drum-jock heroics of Frank Zappa, Dream Theater, John Scofield, and the like. Just looking at Dennett’s posture and arm motions with the sound off made us feel like we were improving.

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