Jeff Fabb of In This Moment

Jeff Fabb Of In This Moment

Age: 31
Hometown: Mattituck, NY
Previous Bands: Tripface, Deadsett
Drums: Ddrum
Cymbals: Meinl
Hardware/Pedals: Ddrum
Sticks: Vic Firth
Drumheads: Remo
Electronics: Ddrum

In This Moment has taken its already stellar career to soaring new heights with the aptly titled sophomore release, The Dream, which is a dynamic, hard rock opus that proves the band has matured well beyond their years. The much-anticipated offering was produced by the acclaimed Kevin Churko (Ozzy Osbourne) and showcases the band’s songwriting prowess and Maria Brink’s beautiful, angelic voice that is simply captivating.

How would you describe the feel of the new album?
A mixture of rock and metal that gave me freedom to play groves that I've had in my head for years.

What is your favorite drum part on the new album?
I have two favorites, "Mechanical Love" has a cool polyrythmic hand-to-hand groove in the verse, and te middle part of "Violet Skies" has a theatrical intensity that's cool to play.

What was it like working with your producer and engineer?
Our producer, Kevin Churko -- who is also an amazing drummer -- was able to nurture my style, and taught me that simple is sometimes better, while allowing me the freedom to add my own style to each song.

How prepared were you before going into the studio?
Prior to going into the studio I received daily emails of guitar tracks from my band while I was in my hometown on Long Island. I set up a mock studio in the basement of my house with the help of my two friends, Brian Green and Dan Brown. We set up mikes on my kit and recorded drum tracks over the guitars and emailed them back and forth.

How long did it take to track your drum parts?
It took about a week and a half. We started after breakfast and finished mid afternoon each day.

Jeff appeared in the June, 2009 issue of DRUM! Magazine.

Did you record your tracks with the entire band or alone?
We would record in pieces. I'd jam along with the band to get the structures of the song and then we'd build the songs from there. Once the structure was established I recorded alone with our producer.

Describe the worst gig you've ever played.
There's a venue in Iowa. It was in the middle of a snow storm and there was one person in the club and it was the bartender!

What techniques have you learned by listening to or watching other drummers?
I have had the pleasure of meeting so many great drummers over the years; uber-drummer Vinnie Colaiuta is one of them. Watching him play so effortlessly made me want to play with more of a Moeller technique to ease up on being tense -- that goes for my hands and feet.

Do you feel perfect time is mandatory in creating a groove?
I believe that it is important to have good time mixed with feel to groove. I don't think you could say all you need is perfect time to groove, there is more than just one element to grooving.

Jeff Fabb video.

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