Jimmy Sullivan: His Last Cover Story

Raucous Rev Beats: Tackling “Critical Acclaim”

Avenged Sevenfold comes across as a strange mix of prog metal and Orange County skate punk. Drummer Jimmy Sullivan helps pull the band toward the metal side with his forceful double bass playing. He plays some cool parts on the song “Critical Acclaim,” starting with a double bass groove in 3/4 that features his China cymbal on the downbeats and his snare smacking beat 3. In the second line, Sullivan plays something clever, switching his snare part to the downbeats and moving his China cymbal part to play every third sixteenth-note. In 3/4 they land on 1 (e &) ah (2 e) & (ah 3) e (& ah), creating a four-over-three polyrhythm. He leaves the section with a herta fill that could have been played with a sticking of RLR L L. The song simplifies to 4/4 in the verse with solid quarter-notes stomped on his kick drum. The chorus goes back to double bass, this time with sixteenths played on his snare drum, usually accenting 1 (2) & (3) 4. He adds some cool double bass underneath it in the last two lines; this helps set up the snare accents.

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