Jon Theodore: Good Vibes With Life Coach


Band Life Coach
Current Release Alphawaves
Age 39
Birthplace Baltimore, Maryland
Influences Billy Cobham, Bernard Purdie, Ralph Molina, Mario Rubalcaba, Buddy Miles, Sebastian Thomson, Rick Smith, Indian percussion
Web Site


Drums Ludwig
Cymbals Zildjian (vintage)
Sticks Vic Firth
Heads Remo
Hardware DW

jon theodore

Quick Licks

You probably know Jon Theodore’s superb rock drumming from his tenure with The Mars Volta. His latest project still demonstrates his absolute command of the kit. On “Fireball,” he opens ripping a thirty-second-note Herta fill (RLR L RLR L) on his snare before launching into his funky broken hi-hat groove. The instrumental vamp ends with a very cool fill that uses tight hi-hat barks on (3) e (4) e, and a snare fill similar to the intro to set them up.

DRUM! Notation Guide

jon theodore
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