John Wicks Of Fitz & The Tantrums

That same efficiency will manifest itself in the band’s upcoming tour, a “non-stop” string of dates that will include shared bills with Bruno Mars. “Right now it’s the big inhale, the calm before the storm. We’re starting to feel it. We’re all trying to enjoy every last bit of being home and sleeping in our own beds.”

Though if Wicks gets his way, he’ll be the first one up in the morning, quickening his pulse, emptying his mind. “I’m the only runner in the band. It really does keep me sane out on the road. In the last couple years I’ve spent more time with the band than my family. You can get along, or can drive each other nuts. For me, running makes me the easiest guy in the world to get along with.”


Band Fitz And The Tantrums
Age 42
Birthplace San Francisco, California
Influences “My band teacher in middle and high school, Allan Villiers,” Yogi Horton, Steve Gadd, Bernard Purdie, Jeff Porcaro, Vernel Fournier
Current Release More Than Just A Dream


Drums Ludwig Legacy Classic
Cymbals Istanbul Agop
Sticks Vic Firth
Heads Evans
Hardware Gibraltar
Electronics Roland

jon wicks

Quick Licks

“Last Raindrop”
Fitz And The Tantrums sound like a new wave band pulled out of a time capsule buried in the ’80s. Their latest release is full of catchy pop songs. For “Last Raindrop” drummer John Wicks opens with a disco groove with tasty open hi-hats on (3) & (4) &. The verse uses a funky rock groove for its underpinning. The fill out of the breakdown can be thought of as man imitates machine as it’s very much like that signature Squarepusher programmed snare fill that both crescendos and accelerates.

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jon wicks
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