Jory Glick: Living Proof That Less Is More

Jory Glick

By Andrew Lentz Originally published in the June 2009 issue of DRUM! Magazine

Jory Glick
EQUIPMENT SJC drums, Paiste cymbals, Evans heads, Vic Firth sticks, and Shure microphones.

When The Squid popped in Jory Glick’s demo, he really enjoyed the band’s grunge-pop-meets-paisley-underground tunes. Felt just like 1989. What The Squid did not immediately notice was the drums — and that’s precisely why Glick made the New Blood cut. Never stepping on his bandmates’ toes, this 16-year-old Los Angeles–based drummer complements the other instruments like white on rice and sneaks his accents so insidiously into the mix that you’re feeling it subconsciously rather than noticing that his fills stop on a dime. Glick probably has no idea what we’re talking about: “I stick to the basics,” are his words. He’s gotten a lot of mileage out of this philosophy too. In just five years of playing, Glick’s playing was featured on Showtime series Californication, written up in industry bible Hollywood Reporter, and worked with Grammy-winning producer Magic Moreno. Not a bad resume for someone who only just got his driver’s license.

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