Juicy Chicken Parts

Juicy Chicken Parts

Chad Smith brings some funk to Chickenfoot

The pedigreed players in Chickenfoot have everything it takes to be the next big supergroup — heavy riffs, catchy tunes, and an arena rock vibe plucked straight from the late ’70s. Compared to his drumming with The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chad Smith emphasizes the rock and downplays the funk. However, Smith’s innately funky style still shows up here and there, especially on tunes with a bit of swing in the feel.

“Oh Yeah”

It’s easy to see why this is the first single from the record. At first listen, “Oh Yeah” is a straight-up ass-kickin’ rock anthem. However, at the guitar solo, Smith plays a more syncopated bass drum pattern and moves the snare notes around to get the funk out.

“Soap on a Rope”

This tune has a swung eighth-note feel and features an interesting hi-hat pattern. Smith’s hi-hat is sloshy but he often closes it on count 2 of his groove. This is unusual, but if you’re familiar with his drumming, surprises should be expected.

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