Keith Wishon

By Andrew Lentz Originally published in the March 2009 issue of DRUM! Magazine

Keith Wishon
EQUIPMENT Gretsch drums, Zildjian cymbals, Pearl hardware, Pro-Mark sticks.
CONTACT myspace.com/sikband

Like the Cowboys’ offense, oil money, and big-haired women, there’s almost nothing subtle about Dallas-based drummer Keith Wishon’s beats. Influenced by showboating, media-savvy drummers such as Tommy Lee and Vinnie Paul, Wishon inflicts unstinting punishment on his 9-piece kit in his band Sik, purveyors of a familiar but satisfying Southern groove metal filled with all kinds of gnarly twists and turns. Though Sik manage to transcend their influences, Wishon sports many Vinnie-isms, especially the staccato double bass work. Rat-tat-tat kick topped with a relaxed 4/4 on sloshy hats is the principal attack, and he rarely strays from it, which is just fine for Texas-style brutality. Remarkably, Wishon recorded Sik’s debut EP, Eliminate The Weak, without a click. Wishon chalks this ability up to his years spent in marching band. That’s it: The Squid has officially declared drum corps mandatory for all drummers.


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  • Keith is a WICKED drummer - SIK RAWKS!!!!!!!  \m/, ( >-< ) ,\m/

  • \m/, ( >-< ) ,\m/  <- love it!

  • Keith is an incredible drummer and hands down one of the coolest guys on the planet. The band Sik has one hell of a live show too. I had the privilege of seeing them live quite a few times while I lived in Dallas. They upped the bar every time and made everyone want more.

  • Andrew Lentz, this is Keith Wishon and I cannot even begin to thank you enough!! This was so exciting when this came out in print that I went out and bought 20 copies of it and framed one, but to see it again here on your website just made me feel like a kid AND it was on my birthday, so Thank YOU again!! DRUM Magazine is the best and always will be!! Keep it SiK! ~Keith Wishon - SiK