Kickport Adds Focus And Punch To Bass Drum

The KickPort has turned a lot of heads since it was unveiled at the January 2009 NAMM show and many artists have adopted this product including Kenny Aronoff, "KickPorts add punch, power and low end to your kick drum.. They work both live and in the studio...." And more specifically… “KickPorts will kick your ass...kick it right out of the venu... ; )” Other endorsers include Gerry Brown (Stevie Wonder, Lionel Ritchie) Jonathon Moffett and others.

The Kickport is an insert that promises more punch and less ring out of your bass drum. Additionally, it adds dampening to the head which allows you to reclaim all that valuable resonant space inside your beautiful drum. So now you are free to remove that giant sleeping pillow choking the vibrations of the shell and replace it with minimal internal dampening.

Currently available in ten stores in the US, the company promises it will be widely avaialbe soon.Find out more at

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