KOSA Announces Festival Lineup

KOSA Announces Festival Lineup

International Percussion Workshop, Camp & Festival

The 13th Annual KoSA International Percussion Workshop, Drum Camp and Festival returns to the green meadows and mountains of Vermont's Castleton State College, July 30-August 3, 2008. This year's event features a world-class diverse mix of acclaimed artists on the faculty. These include:

  • Memo Acevedo (Afro-Colombian & Brazilian rhythms)
  • Cyro Baptista (Brazilian, World, Jazz percussion)
  • Ignacio Berroa (Cuban & Jazz drumset)
  • Mario DeCiutiis (electronic & mallet percussion)
  • Marc Dicciani (digital drumset)
  • Dom Famularo (drumset techniques)
  • Gordon Gottlieb (classical, session, improv, drum circle)
  • Arnie Lang (classical percussion ensemble)
  • Marco Lienhard (Japanese Taiko)
  • Aldo Mazza (world/drumset percussion)
  • Allan Molnar (music & technology)
  • Jonathan Mover (rock drumming)
  • Emil Richards (jazz vibraphone)
  • Lou Robinson (digeridoo master)
  • Jim Royle (steel drum ensemble)
  • Rajna Swaminathan (South Indian percussion
  • Chester Thompson (fusion drumset, arena master)
  • Rick Van Horn (real world drumming)
  • Glen Velez (Frame drum master)
  • Michael Wimberly & African Drum & Dance (rhythms of Africa)
  • Nancy Zeltsman (classical marimba)
  • KoSA Rhythm Section:
    • Oscar Stagnaro (bass guitar)
    • Rafael Alcala (piano)

“This year's KoSA IPW, Camp and Festival will be stunning,” states KoSA Founder and Artistic Director, Aldo Mazza. “Castleton State College has constructed several new spaces for us to work with, and the overall atmosphere on the campus is electric. Plus, the community at large is really enthusiastic about the return of KoSA to Castleton. We couldn't be more pleased with how things are shaping up. When you add in our amazing faculty we're all in for something on the order of magical.” Learn more: www.kosamusic.com

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