Lolasana: The Dangle Pose

Lolasana: The Dangle Pose

If the idea of flow and feel are important to you, then mastery of ghost notes is essential. Ghost notes, the subtle hits that occur between the other notes, enhance or even make the rhythm, but they can be elusive and challenging. If you are familiar with toto’s “Rosanna,” Led Zeppelin’s “Fool In The Rain,” or literally any Purdie shuffle, then you know the magic that ghost notes can bring to the rhythm. Imagine those songs without the ghost notes and the magic is gone.

And so it is with Lolasana. I see this pose as a kind of “ghost note” pose – a subtle posture that occurs between Down Face Dog and Dandasana (sitting with the legs in front of you) referred to as “jumping through” when you are practicing a flowing style of yoga. Until you can use Lolasana as a transition, the movement will be partial and choppy. not the best way to flow on the mat or behind your kit.

I have been gearing the last several articles toward this flow, the focus of which was on the development of upper body and core strength and hip flexibility. This development can lead to the smoother execution of the jump through. Don’t give up if this seems tough: Ghost note—style benefits are building even if it is not immediately obvious.

Let’s get started.

Yoga Yogi

Fig. 1

Yoga Yogi

Fig. 2

1. Kneel down with your ankles crossed and your palms on the floor near your knees. (Fig. 1)
2. With an exhalation, slowly lift the front of the shins and feet off the floor. (Fig. 2)
3. Hold for several breaths and lower yourself down.
4. Repeat with the ankles crossed the opposite way.
5. Several repetitions can be practiced.

While holding the posture, make sure to keep the hands planted evenly, fingers pointed forward, and do not bunch the shoulders up into the neck.

The benefits are numerous and quite useful for drummers. The posture strengthens the hands, wrist, forearms, triceps, shoulders, upper back, hip flexors, hamstrings, and abs.

As always, check with your doctor before practicing this posture and make sure it is right for your condition.

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