Los Cabos Drumsticks makes Bold Move

Los Cabos Drumsticks Expands In Difficult Economy

In this time of economic uncertainty, many manufacturers are reducing their production, reducing the number of their employees, or closing altogether. In the midst of this turmoil, one company is expanding; Los Cabos Drumsticks of Fredericton New Brunswick has constructed a new facility in one of the city’s industrial parks. “It was something we felt was necessary at this time,” says Larry Guay, owner and operations manager. “We just didn’t have the room in our old location to store all the raw wood and finished product we had in the building.”

Moving from a rented space to a building of their own was daunting, but adds Guay, “It just made sense to us that we own the building. That gave us control over the design, and we would never face an increase in rent. We also have a great deal more room.”

In addition, the new building takes the company two steps closer to being environmentally friendly. Instead of the waste product being sent to the landfill, it is used to heat the building during the long New Brunswick winters. A great deal of planning went into the new facility, from the wood intake, to the production area, storage, office spaces, and the safety of employees and visitors.

Guay anticipates additional staff in the not-too-distant future as well. “We are in most major music chains in Canada, with a distributor in Germany supplying the European market. We also have support from several U.S. artists, and are continually seeking American distributorship; that all leads to increased production and the eventual need for additional employees.”

Ever expanding not only in their facility, but in popularity as well, Los Cabos Drumsticks are poised to become a powerful force in the drumstick market. To see more, go to http://www.loscabosdrumsticks.com

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