Make Your Own Sizzle Cymbal At Home

5. Place the cymbal on an anvil or the flat part of a vise and use a center punch on the marks you made on the underside of the cymbal.

6. Clamp and brace the cymbal underside up on a block of wood and drill the holes where you center-punched. If you are using standard rivets I recommend a 3/16 metal drill bit. Don’t use too much pressure or else you might crack the cymbal.

7. With the underside of the cymbal facing up, put the flat head of the rivet through the cymbal skinny-side up. Clamp the cymbal so the flat head of the rivet is resting on a flat anvil or vise. Hold the rivet in place with vise grips and use a cold chisel to cut the rivet in two or three directions.

Finally, give the rivet a tap with a center punch and you’re done!

One last tip: If you install too many rivets it can actually make the sustain of the cymbal shorter. Start with a few rivets – you can always add more.

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