Matt Thomas of Brother Von Doom

Matt Thomas of Brother Von Doom

Age: 35
Hometown: Dayton, Ohio
Previous Bands: Morning Again, Vision, Strangers As Heros, Demiricous, Dead Blue Sky, Stronghold, Birthright

Naming their debut album Relentless might not have even been necessary for Dayton, Ohio thrash newcomers Brother Von Doom. Evil actions speak volumes of the sonic ammunition inside the CD's endlessly jacking blast beats, puking-up-blood screams, and de-tuned six strings that alight like punctured fireworks bought at roadside stands. To christen the band’s first release, Brother Von Doom hit the road in November of 2008 with fellow metallers This Or The Apocalypse and Woe Of Tyrants, about which drummer Matt Thomas commented: "We are looking forward to getting back on the road, kicking some ass, making new friends, and playing places we've not been to yet. Should be a great time getting out of this dump [Ohio] and heading down south for a few weeks to get the hell out of this cold ass weather!"

What is your favorite drum part on the new album?
The beginning of "A Judas Kiss." Andreas [Magnusson, producer] had me switch some things up at the beginning to give it a more death metal feel.

What was it like working with your producer and engineer?
They were super chill. Kind of too chill. [laughs] I like to be bossed around and amped up when I record. It makes me play more aggressive.

How prepared were you before going into the studio?
I was over-prepared. I played for several hours a day, stressed myself out for no reason!

How long did it take to track your drum parts?
About seven days. I did two songs a day, and then they recorded guitars for the next two days. It made it hard to stay focused having a two-day break in between tracking.

Do you play your drum parts onstage exactly the same way that you recorded them?
I definitely add more stuff in live than what's on the record. I like to wing it sometimes live and go a little over the top with fills and stuff.

How much room do you have to improvise on stage?
If we keep time perfect, I can mess around a little. If we get off it is a major disaster!

How do you stay healthy while you're on the road?
I'm vegan so it's kind of rough to eat right. Depends on where I'm at - I know of certain spots I like to go eat at.

Do you warm up before going on stage?
Yes, I try and do it at least an hour to 45 minutes before we play. If I don't get to warm up we sound terrible!

What techniques have you learned by listening to or watching other drummers?
To play a little lighter with my feet for speed. Instead of caveman-ing my drums to death!

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