Merry Christmas from DRUM!

Happy Holidays From DRUM!

By Phil Hood Published December 18, 2009

Every year we get to say this but after a difficult year like 2009 it is even more true. We're thankful for all the great people we work with at DRUM!, both the ones on our staff and our freelancers. This year we moseyed up one floor in our building to take this Christmas photo (thanks to Dave Constantin). These are the people who bring you the magazine, the web site and much much more every month. Left to right: Cristina Strombotne, assistant art director; Cookie Williams, office manager; Meghan Phillips, graphics assistant, Rich Leeds, art director; Salman Haqqi, intern and web hero; Andy Doerschuk, editor-in-chief; Leslie Hampton, Caught In The Act photographer; Eric Frank, advertising director; Connie Hood, business manager; Jack Blumenfeld, IT genius; Sibel Girini, video whiz; Andrew Lentz, assistant editor; Phil Hood, publisher; Dave Constantin, associate editor; Wally Schnalle, music editor. To all our readers, may you have peace and music this holiday season.


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