Mike Mangini On Video

Mike Mangini On Video

We uncovered hundreds of video clips of Mike Mangini shredding impossibly cool riffs. It’s amazing that no matter the difficulty of the task he undertakes, Mangini always seems to be utterly relaxed. Here are a few of our favorites.

Soloing With Steve Vai

Just an incredible solo filmed during a show with Steve Vai.

Live In Chile

Mangini tears through the Annihilator track “No Zone” at the 2010 Zildjian Day in Santiago Chile.

Live In London

Mangini performs the song “All Automatic” with Nuno Bettencourt at London’s Mad About Music show in 1998.

Extreme Drum Solo

Mangini lets loose in this 1995 drum solo filmed during his tenure with Extreme. Be sure to check out his retro Roto Tom setup.

1995 Drum Clinic

In short, Mike Mangini lets it all hang out during a clinic in 1995.

24 Non-Stop Limb Pairings

This clip shows Mangini demonstrating a mathematical exercise in which he plays 24 different limb pairing combinations without stopping. It’s a remarkable feat and deceptively difficult.

Mangini On The Discovery Channel

In this incredible clip, the team from the TV series Time Warp record Mangini’s drumming and then slow it down to analyze exactly what happens to his body and drum kit when he performs. It’s an eye opener!

Breaking A World Record

This is the moment you’ve all heard about when Mike Mangini broke the WFD’s single strokes record by playing 1,203 strokes in one minute. Wow.

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