Mike Mangini’s Résumé

Mike Mangini’s Résumé

Mike Mangini

Grammy Nominations: Rock Instrumental (with Steve Vai) For The Love Of God (1997 Live Recording), Windows To The Soul (1999)
Awards Won As A Percussionist: All East-USA Orchestra 1st Chair (1980), All Mass. State (1977-1981), All East Mass. District (1977-1981), Waltham High School John Phillip Sousa Award (1981), Waltham Central Junior High Band Director’s Award (1977)
Awards Won As A Jazz Drummer: All Mass. State (1981), All East Mass District (1980, 1981), Seven NAJE Jazz Festival “Outstanding Musicianship” Awards (1980-1981), Waltham High School Louis Armstrong Award (1981)
Official W.F.D. World’s Fastest Drummer in five categories (2002 - Current.)
Readers Polls: Modern Drummer, DRUM! for Up & Coming, Best Clinician. Best Progressive & Best Book (All Top 5 finishes from 1997-2005)
Drum Solo & Rhythm Section contest: Boston’s Best Drummer (1989)

Animated for online drum lessons with iPerform3D (2009)
Berklee College Of Music Percussion Dept. (2000-2009)
Berklee Percussion Dept. Educational Committee (2002-2004)
Private Instructor (1987-2009)
2006, 2007 & 2008 Finished in the top few percent (Nationally) for College Professors in the OCE Student's Teacher Evaluations Response Ratings.

Skunk Baxter (Steely Dan,) Brad Delp/Barry Goudreau/Fran Sheehan (Boston) Steven Tyler (Aerosmith,) Darrel (Run DMC,) James Montgomery, Charlie Farren, Johnny A., Nuno Bettencourt/Pat Badger/Gary Cherone (Extreme whole band, as well as individually), Patrick Benti, Steve Vai, Mike Keneally, Philip Bynoe, Steve Perry (Journey,) Jane Pitrelli, Waltham Percussion Ensemble Alumni, Annihilator, Dream Theater (whole band), James LaBrie, Brian Bellar, Matt Guillory, Marco Sfogli, Eastman School Orchestra, Joel Thome, Godsmack, Dale Bozzio, Steve Ferlazzo, Brad Miller, and two dozen Sanctum Sound recording artists.

International Drum Clinician: Over 40 Countries (1994-2009), currently tours four continents bi-annually
Currently plays one-off charity gigs with Skunk Baxter (Steely Dan/Doobie Bros), Barry Goudreau & Fran Sheehan (Boston), James Montgomery (Blues Artist), Steven Tyler & other guests depending on the gig location.
Steve Vai: Over 40 Countries (1996-2000)
Extreme: Over 20 Countries (1994-1996)
Dale Bozzio/Missing Persons: USA (1995-2002)
Annihilator: Canada & Europe (1993)

Featured in the 2009 release Seven Wonders, a documentary on seven drummers from around the World, by John Walker (Canada)

Discovery Channel’s Timewarp, featured on Chronicle, ESPN, MTV videos: “Set The World On Fire" and "All For You," by Annihilator, “Hip Today,” by Extreme, “Hip Today” from Late Night With David Letterman, various live concerts with Steve Vai, and a Harriss Teeter commercial.

G3 Live (Vai, Satriani, Johnson,) Drum Pad 20th Aniversary, Modern Drummer Festival 2006

With James LaBrie: Elements Of Persuasion, Mullmuzzler 1, Mullmuzzler 2. With Steve Vai: Fire Garden, Merry Axemas, G3 Live, Ultra Zone, Live In An Ultra World, The 7th Song. With Extreme: Waiting For The Punchline, Running Gag, Unconditionally. With Nuno Bettencourt: Schizophonic. With Gary Cherone: Perfect World. With Tribe Of Judah: Exit Elvis. With Annihilator: Set The World On Fire, All For You, The One, Metal. With Various Artists: Subdivisions (Rush Tribute). With Mike Keneally: Sluggo. With Sal DiFusco: Great Exploits, Nevertheless, Vanishing Mist. With Chris Emerson: Accidental Tourist. With Daniel Pique: Boo. With Ethan Brosh: Hit Man. With Dave Reffet: Shredding The Envelope.

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