Mike McPhee: Living The Drumming Dream

Mike McPhee
Equipment: Yamaha drums; Murat Diril, Zildjian K, and Wuhan cymbals; Evans heads; PureSound snare wires; and Johnny Rabb drum sticks.
Contact: absolutedrummer.com; myspace.com/mikesdrumpage

There are drummers who can really blaze when they sit down at a display kit at Guitar Center, but you’ll never know their name. Then there are drummers like Mike McPhee who may not show off when given the opportunity, but who you owe it to yourself to pay attention to. The Long Island—based working musician plays drums in Ionia, does session work, and teaches in his home studio. His video lessons delve into stuff like quintuplet grooves – not only breaking them down into their constituent parts but also adding spice like a backbeat on 2 and 5, creating a 1, 3 ostinato on the hi-hat, and other ways of making a technical approach really swing. Teaching, performing, playing drum festivals, shedding late into the night – McPhee is exemplary of the hard work it takes to make a living at drumming. Of course, it helps to be as obsessed as he is.


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  • Thanks so much ya’ll for featuring me as the New Blood Artist this Month on the DRUM! Homepage!

    If any of ya’ll would like to find out more about me; ya’ll are invited to experience my website-


    My website is composed of:
    -TOO MANY videos of my playing-
    -Educational & Lesson Videos and Articles-
    -My Bio with exclusive videos of me performing in the band in ionia-
    -A list of past and Upcoming Performances-

  • -My Discography- If you would like to check out the several diverse Bands and Projects I have been a part of-
    -A detailed explanation of my playing and teaching style-
    -A potent overview on my beliefs on Drumming-Music-Art-Life-
    -Reviews from some of my peers whose playing and styles I very much admire - Johnny Rabb, Grant Collins, Sammy J. Watson, Chris Scherer.
    -A link to the -AbsoluteDrummer- Merchandise Store, which I do hope ya’ll will check out and like!!!  All the Clothing and Accessories were designed for -US- as a
    Drumming -Community- :  )  Especially for the Up and Comers that may need a tiny bit of extra support towards the living out of their dreams as Drummers and Musicians-

  • -My Clinic Backline in case any ya’ll would like to have me perform at your Drumshop(Whew Boy!), Music Store, Venue, Event, etc.-
    -A Portrait of the people, things and beliefs that I
      -GENUINELY- and Gladly associate myself with!
    -A detailed video on Stretching for Drummers!
    -Links to my Social Media Pages
    and lastly(Whew! Sorry bout all that!)
    Contact info for my manager and any inquires, comments, questions for me or in regards to -AbsoluteDrummer-.

  • Thanks for reading and I truly hope ya’ll enjoy what I have created for ya’ll!!!

    TABD-(Shorthand for The Absolute Drummer)

  • Slight Corrections:
    *I am currently based on the West Coast.
    *I am no longer an active member of the band ionia.

  • This is cool-  A few minutes ago- while experiencing music; I remembered the time when I was probably 11 or 12 and I had recorded the song “Whatever” by Godsmack; from my parents t.v. speakers and onto the standard Sony Tape Deck/Radio “Economical Buy” Boom Box!  Then I smacked a bunch of pillows and a mattress and used the skill I had from my middle class Band/Percussion/Drum Lessons to lay the track down- Sleepy’s Style!!!  HAHAHA- The Mattress Company!!!