Affordable Recorder Captures to 1GB SD Card

The market for handheld digital field recorders heated up at this year's NAMM show with new products from TASCAM, Olympus, and Sony, among others, as well as a new model of M-Audio's popular Micro-Track. Anyone who has used these popular recorders knows that you can make surprisingly good live or club recordings using their microphones or plugging into a board.

TASCAM's DR-1 Portable Digital Recorder, is a compact unit that captures hours of music using built-in mics to its 1GB SD card. A pair of microphones is mounted on a variable angle mechanism, which allows the recorder to record from almost anywhere. The unit includes a generous 1GB SD card for hours of recording at MP3 or WAVE file formats. The DR-1 also includes auto gain control and analog limiting for easy setup and a low-frequency cutoff to eliminate handling or wind noise. And with a MAP (minimum advertised price) of only $299, every musician is going to want one.

"The DR-1 is the portable recorder that everyone's been waiting for," said Paul Jenkins, Director of Sales and Marketing for TASCAM. "It's the first to include a card big enough for serious recording, and the price point is a wake-up call for the entire industry. TASCAM has a thirty-year history of creating the recorders that musicians want, and the DR-1 is sure to be our latest hit recorder."

The DR-1 packs a mobile truck full of equipment into a recorder compact enough to fit in your pocket:

  • Portable, Handheld Recording
  • Included 1GB SD card media
  • Built-in High-quality Stereo Condenser Microphone
  • Variable Angle Microphone Mechanism with A/B Configuration
  • 48 or 44.1kHz / 24-bit Recording Resolution
  • MP3 and WAVE file Recording and Playback
  • Switchable Low Cut Filter
  • Analog Auto Gain Control
  • Analog Limiter
  • Rechargable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • USB 2.0 Connection to Computer
  • Built-in Tuner and Vocal Cancel Features
  • Overdub Feature to record narration, singing or instruments over an existing recording

For more information contact TASCAM • 7733 Telegraph Road • Montebello, CA 90640 USA (323) 726-0303 •

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