Suffer The Wrath Of Brandon Park’s Chops

New Blood: Brandon Park

brandon park Age 25
Equipment Pearl drums and hardware (Vision VBX 5-piece, Icon rack, and Demon Drive double-pedal); 13" x 7" Pork Pie vented maple snare; (mostly) Sabian cymbals; Roland, Alesis, and Ddrum electronics; Evans heads; and Scorpion Stix 5A sticks.

You’ll notice aspiring extreme-metaller Brandon Park blasting away on various YouTube clips using just the fingers on the snare hand to conserve energy, and as a result, look supremely relaxed even as the bpms redline. With influences including Mogan Rose, Shawn Drover, Gene Hoglan, Jordan Mancino, Peter Criss/Eric Singer, it’s clear the Springfield, Illinois—area drummer likes a wide selection of classic and contemporary metal. Though with current band Suffer The Wrath, he’s clearly on the black-metal tip (check out the “Buried In Blood” video below). “I just play heel up, nothing fancy,” Park says. “But I’m currently trying to perfect the heel-toe technique and would like to switch to that as soon as I have it solid enough.” He credits his fluid consistency to hours alone with the metronome but doesn’t get all nerdy about blast styles – just whatever one fits the song. “My greatest motivation is seeing someone with a unique style,” he adds. “It inspires me even more to go home and practice.”

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