Jamie Scoles: Early Momentum Pays Off

Jamie Scoles: Early Momentum Pays Off

jamie scoles

Jamie Scoles

Age 20
Equipment Pearl drums, Zildjian cymbals, and DW 7000 pedals
Contact facebook.com/jamiescolesmusic; twitter.com/jamiescoles

Jamie Scoles’ story begins the way so many young drummers’ do. She began playing at age ten when her father randomly brought home a drum set for his daughter one day. Scoles was self-taught for the first three years until finally relenting and taking drum lessons for three months. Although glad she did, it only cemented her conviction to approach the instrument with her own vision. Joining Freedom To Fall at age 14, the band was booked in a range of cities and countries, and even had a residency playing Main Street in Huntington Beach, California. After she and the band parted ways, Scoles began booking shows as a solo act, free styling to top 40 tunes before joining the all-female Asian pop band Nylon Pink. (See their YouTube video below for “Ice Cream.”) The band is an unabashed candy-coated bid for stardom but it doesn’t do justice to Scoles’ range of styles, which you can see on her home page. Girl has stick tricks, too!

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