New Blood: The Relentless Jesse Tudda

New Blood: Jesse Tudda

Jesse Tudda

Age: 20
Equipment: Tama drums, Pork Pie snare, Sabian, Paiste, and Zildjian cymbals, DW 7000 series double pedal, Porkpie throne, Evans and Aquarian heads, and Vater Manhattan 7A sticks.

Earlier this year, Jesse Tudda, of Levittown, New York, paid in advance for a custom drum set only to have the company go out of business and his $1,500 vanish along with it. Did that dampen his spirit? We think not. Tudda started his music education at age nine working his way up from snare to playing full kit with the school jazz band and even dabbling as an orchestral percussionist. When he first heard Lamb Of God’s Chris Adler, though, that was the game changer. Schizo deathcore band FX Zero, which Tudda started six years ago with twin brother, Mike, showcases manic drumming on new album Skyholm — stop-start beats, inertia-defying fills, staccato double bass, and the odd e-pad bomb thrown in. But it’s side project Park After Dark, dipping into swing, jazz, punk, and ska styles, where he really shows his range. Tudda studies music merchandising at Hofstra University to help him navigate the constantly changing music industry. The Squid likes your hustle, Jesse. Oh, hell, he’s positively green with envy.

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