New Drums: the $7,000 Majestic Elite

New Drums: the $7,000 Majestic Elite

At this year’s 18th Chicago Vintage and Custom Drum Show, we saw a lot of incredible drums, none more amazing than the new Majestic Elite (Serial #001) from Joyful Noise Drum Company. Like some of their previous releases, this drum offers a breathtaking example of artistic beauty, superior craftsmanship, and innovative design. This spectacular drum is the latest edition to the JNDC Elite Series, which now includes the “Winged Elite”, “Scrolled Elite”, and “Majestic Elite”.

The drum is electro-plated with 24k gold from top to bottom and adorned with the JNDC Elite Series scroll pattern, hand engraved by master engraver and drum historian John Aldridge.

Radiating the hand-engraved scrolled panel pattern in 24k gold-plating, the spun seamless bronze shell of the “Majestic Elite” is a company standard, featuring sharp, bell-flanged bearing edges and vintage- inspired crimped snare beds. The “Majestic Elite” also features the JNDC “One Touch” Classic Snare Drum Strainer System cast in bronze, as well as 2.5mm solid brass hoops and solid brass Corder tube lugs, all also 24k gold-plated. Other company standards featured on the “Majestic Elite” are JNDC drumheads by Remo™ USA, and PureSound™ snare wires.

According to Curt Waltrip, JNDC President, “Sonically, the ‘Majestic Elite’ possesses explosive power while delivering full-bodied tone and warmth. This is accompanied by an incredibly wide tuning range and exceptional snare sensitivity that affords a musical array of color and character.”

Such meticulous engineering does not come cheaply. As the pinnacle of the JNDC snare drum collection and electro-plated in over 3.5 ounces of 24k gold, the “Majestic Elite” currently lists at $7000.00 MSRP. Nonetheless it lives up to the name "Majestic Elite and will be a future collectible.

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