Nicky Kulund Battles Back From Cancer

Nicky Kulund

Nicky Kulund
EQUIPMENT Equipment Gretsch drums, Sabian cymbals, Pro-Mark sticks, Hot Rods and TB5 brushes

It is remarkable enough that Nicky Kulund plays in three bands simultaneously, but this NYC-based drummer had to go up the ante and warm up for Coldplay in Madison Square Garden last year. If The Squid had gotten to warm up for those British superstars, he could have died happily right there and then. When Kulund’s not supporting platinum-selling acts with his band The Blue Jackets, he can be found cutting the debut solo record with BJs frontman, PT Walkley, drumming in a new project with his bro called The Moon Brothers, and doing TV bumpers and commercials for the likes of MasterCard and GE. Perhaps Kulund’s most impressive achievement was that he did all of this while battling Leukemia. Don’t worry, as Kulund likes to say, he “kicked its butt!” and you can read about the inspiring struggle in his forthcoming memoir, From The Hill To The Garden.

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